From: Bend, Oregon
Father: Evan Hollister
Mother: Jennifer Connolly
Step-Dad: Matthew Connolly
Twin brother: Cody Hollister who plays for the Tennessee Titans
Three sisters: Shelby, Sierra, Hailey

I’m a tight end for the Jacksonville Jaguars. Walked on at the University of Nevada as a quarterback out of high school with my brother Cody, transferred to Arizona Western Junior College and moved to tight end. Got a scholarship offer from University of Wyoming. I played there for 3 years before signing with the New England Patriots in 2017. I won a Super Bowl with the New England Patriots my second year with my brother by my side. I got traded to the Seattle Seahawks and had the most success in my career to this point in my time there for 2 seasons.

My focus this last couple years has been eating very clean and focusing on what supplements to take along with that. NeoLife was presented to me by close friends of mine and after seeing my brother join the team I couldn’t help but doing the same. Nothing is more important in health and wellness when it comes to sports then what you are fueling your body with. I feel really confident in NeoLife and the products they make and I’ve had an amazing experience so far.

Instagram: @jacobhollister
Twitter: @hollister_jacob

Jacob Hollister

"All of [NeoLife] products are so pure and clean so I can feel confident that what I’m fueling my body with is the very best."

Favorite Products

Which NeoLife Nutritionals do you use to supplement your diet and enhance your training?

"I use a variety of products from NeoLife. My favorites being the Pro Vitality because I think it really includes everything you need especially when it comes to joint and brain health which is really important as an NFL athlete. Performance Protein has never given me any stomach issues at all which goes to show how clean the product is. "

Why NeoLife?

"I chose to partner with NeoLife because I honestly got really tired of having to worry about what companies were putting in supplements that I was fueling my body with. All of their products are so pure and clean so I can feel confident that what I’m fueling my body with is the very best."

What impact do you feel NeoLife Products have had?

"Ever since partnering with NeoLife I’ve felt a significant change for the better in my energy levels, my joint health as well as my overall performance.

As a football player brain health is something to be taken seriously and with Omega-III Salmon Oil Plus, I’ve only felt clearer and clearer."

Why it is important to fuel your body with the best supplements?

"This past couple years I have made a strong commitment to making sure I put wholesome food and products into my body. That takes time and effort. What I think people forget about the things we eat and drink is that it’s a natural healer but it can also be the opposite. The integrity behind Neolife’s products and what is put in them is what sold me on being a partner and what makes me so passionate about it is the fact that I want to see those around me healthier and that’s what NeoLife can offer."