“I have a twin sister, who does rowing and triathlons and an older sister who always encouraged us to play sports.  All three of us played basketball together. I played for more than 7 years competitively. After earning my master's at the Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering, I started working for Ericsson; gave up basketball and began running. It wasn’t long until I fell in love with the sport.

Running is my passion and my lifestyle. I like to run long distances, from road racing to trial, from half marathons to ultra distance. I am confident and hopeful to be apart of the Olympic games in Tokyo.

Within my first year of running, I came across articles about ultra distance, which sparked my interest. I’ve always wanted to do something extraordinary. At age 23, I ran my first Ultra; I ran the Croatian Championship at the International Forrest Gump Race; 132k in 12 hours. I broke the World Record that year (2011) and the absolute record for Croatia. I was also the youngest athlete to run that distance so it turns out my talent for ultra running is a kind of gift from God. I know I can do something good in my life with this specialty.

I’m so excited for this partnership with NeoLife to improve my sport performance. I have spent several long periods with injuries where I couldn’t run much. In the past I never paid too much attention to my diet, I used to indulge in sweets and unhealthy stuff now my nutritional routine has changed with NeoLife. My results have been excellent.

I started using NeoLifeShake before the World Trail Challenge in Portugal at the end of October 2016. On the day of the race I had a NeoLifeShake before and after. It really helped me a lot because I was already weary of the racing almost every weekend plus this specific trail was very difficult.

I continued using NeoLife before racing in the World 100k in Spain, where I placed second (I was so close to the Gold medal). I had the NeoLifeShake 4 days before the race and the night before and in the morning of I had 4 servings. I felt so much energy during the race!”

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Top Accolades

2011 International Forrest Gump Race - Ultramarathon 132km  in 12hr: set Croatian record & best world result that year
2014 Stockholm Ultramarathon 100km in 8hr 3min: 1st place
2015 Il Passatore Firenza-Faenza Ultramarathon 100km in 7hr 41min: 1st place
2015 Wings for life Croatia Ultramarathon: 1st place
2016 Il Passatore Firenza-Faenza ultramarathon 100km in 7hr 40min: 1st place of women, set best world result & 3rd place overall (men & women)
2016 Doha Quatar Ultramarathon 50km: 1st place World Champions (Croatia)
2016 Wings for Life Norway Ultramarathon: 1st place, set course record
2016 Gran Sasso Ultramarathon 50km: 1st place, set race record

2014 Ravenna marathon: 1st place
2015 Brescia marathon: 1st place
2015 Vir Zadar Marathon Croatian Championship: 1st place
2015 Podgorica Marathon Balkan Championship: Bronze medal
2015 Verona Italy marathon: 1st place
2015 Stara Zagora Bulgary Marathon: 1st place
2016 Malta Marathon: 1st place
2016 Sofia Marathon Balkan Championship: Silver medal

Mountain Races:
2011 Mosor Grebbening Trekking (trail): 1st place
2012 Short Distance Mountain Running Croatian Championship: 1st place
2013 Long Distance Mountain Running Croatian Championship: 1st place
2014 Short Distance Mountain Running Croatian Championship: 1st place
2015 Short Distance Mountain Running Croatian Championship: 1st place
2015 Long Distance Mountain Running Croatian Championship: 1st place